For Guests, Parents and Caregivers

When will Night to Shine be held?
The event will be held on Friday February 9, 2024 between 6pm and 9pm.

Where will the event be held?
St. Paul Lutheran Church and School is located at 701 W. Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, FL. The event will be held in our Family Life Center. When you arrive you will be directed to parking and the red carpet!

When does registration open?
Registration opens on December 1, 2023.

Who is invited to Night to Shine?
People with special needs ages 14 and over including people with disabilities that may be physical, mental or psychological.

If I previously attended Night to Shine at St. Paul, can I attend again?

Is an invitation required?
Yes, this event is by invitation only. Invitations are non-transferable.

How will Guests be invited?
St. Paul has extended invitations to schools, centers and organizations in our local community dedicated to supporting people with special needs. If you have a Guest you would like to invite, please ask them to register right away at www.nighttoshineboca.com.

Do guests need chaperones?
Upon arrival, all guests will be matched with a Buddy to accompany them throughout the evening. While chaperones are not required, parents or caregivers are welcome to stay.

Can Parents/Caregivers be a Buddy?
Yes, parents or caregivers may sign up to be a “Buddy” for their guest. Please use the Buddy registration page on this website.

What is the dress code for Night to Shine?
Guests are invited to wear the best clothes they have. Renting formal wear is not necessary.

What is the Parent/Caregiver dinner?
St. Paul will host a dinner exclusively for Parents and Caregivers of Guests who are attending the Night to Shine event. After you drop off your Guest and park your car, you will be directed to the dining area. Sign up for the dinner using the “Guest Registration” form, or email [email protected] to make your reservation. Be our guest!

What will happen when you arrive at the event?
When you arrive at St. Paul, we will direct you to drive around the building to Guest Drop Off. There each Guest will be met by a “Buddy” who will escort them to Registration and accompany them throughout the event. Parents/Caregivers may then park or exit.

What time should Parents/Caregivers pick up Guests after the event?
Parents/Caregivers should return by 8:30 PM to get in line to pick up Guests at 9 PM.

What else can Parents and Caregivers do during the event?
Parents and Caregivers may also relax in our Respite Room during the event. In that room we will broadcast the Night to Shine Dance Floor area live on a TV, offer snacks and games.

For Volunteers

Do volunteers have to be members of St. Paul Lutheran Church?
No, anyone may volunteer. We encourage you to register as a Buddy, or volunteer your time and talents!